Chocolating with Savina: A New Blog Series

Hello Chocolate and Travel Lovers! My name is Savina Darzes, a Chocolate Educator from North Idaho. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is chocolating?!

Well, I believe it could be a noun or verb and could have several different meanings:

  1. The act of savoring a piece of quality chocolate, in a mindful manner, while fully utilizing all your senses.
  2. The celebration of the journey of the cacao bean from the tree to your tastebuds.
  3. Shopping (in person or online) for quality, fairly traded organic and sustainable artisan chocolate.
  4. To explore the history and cultural features of an area while stopping at local chocolate shops to savor different chocolate creations along the way.

It’s the last definition that will be the focus of these chocolating blog posts.

After leading Portland Neighborhood Chocolate Walks in Oregon from 2007-2012, I guess you can say chocolating is now a way of life for me. Everywhere I go, I look up the local chocolate shops and manufacturers to incorporate them in our travels. I’ve collected many notes and photos over the years and want to share them with you.

Chocolating at Nuvrei’s Bakery in the Pearl District.
At Teuscher’s Chocolates in Downtown Portland.

So, I look forwarding to seeing you again as we start exploring my favorite regions around this great, BIG chocolate-covered country of ours. Our first stop? Sunny Florida!

Until next time, Happy Chocolating!

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