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So glad you found us in our little corner of cyberspace. If you love chocolate, you are definitely in the right spot. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to find out about our services.

Chocolate Tasting & More is a boutique chocolate education company based in Hayden, Idaho, USA. Our mission is to increase people’s appreciation of fine eating chocolate and to highlight the journey of the cacao bean from tree to your taste buds through fun and engaging tasting programs.

Want to discover more about us? Then grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate or favorite bar (optional!), relax and spend some time perusing our site, which includes a blog on all things chocolate.  While you’re here, be sure to join our Facebook Community to discover the latest in chocolate news. (We scour the internet, so you don’t have to). Even better yet, join us on one of our virtual or in person programs exploring the fascinating world of chocolate. You’ll then understand why there is an intriguing story behind every bite!

Chocolating Spoken Here!

Chä-klət-ing, noun or verb

  1. The act of savoring a piece of quality chocolate, in a mindful manner, while fully utilizing all your senses.
  2. To celebrate the journey of the cacao bean from the tree to your tastebuds.
  3. To shop for quality fair trade, organic and sustainable artisan chocolate.
  4. To explore the history and cultural features of a neighborhood while stopping at local businesses to experience different chocolate creations along the way.

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