Indoor Chocolate Tastings

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Our tasting programs are great ideas for:

Women’s Night-Out                     Bridal Showers                            Book Clubs
Mother-Daughter Outings          Father-Son Outings                    Fundraising
Team Building                               Birthday Celebrations                Senior Groups                                               Scout groups                                  Private Gatherings                     Special Events                                                               Community Organizations


Arm Chair Chocolate Journey
Seated events designed for smaller groups or groups in a more structured setting.

  • Through a multi-media presentation, explore the natural and human history of cacao and examine the steps needed to transform it into the chocolate we all know and love.
  • Guided tasting instruction.
  • A selection of bar chocolates will then be tasted and rated to discover your favorites.
  • 90 minutes in length.
  • $125


Free-Style Chocolating
If you have larger group, you may want to consider our less structured tasting format.

  • Our multi-media presentation or a shorter introduction to chocolate plus tasting tips.
  • Guests are then invited to circulate around the room visiting different “stations” at their own pace, tasting and rating the chocolates.
  • 90 minutes in length.
  • $125


From Trees to Truffles
After sampling a selection of bar chocolates, as in the above two programs, we will then end our gathering by rolling some delicious dark truffles to take home.

  • 90 minutes in length.
  • $125


Hot Cocoa and Drinking Chocolates
Learn the secrets to a memorable cup of hot chocolate and how it has changed from the original ancient drink of MesoAmerica to the aristocratic salons of Europe to the special treat of today.

  • We’ll concentrate on the unique characteristics of French, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican versions of these beverages.
  • Discover the difference between hot cocoa and drinking chocolate, plus how to make a perfect cup of each.
  • 90 minutes in length.
  • $150


For Younger Chocolate Enthusiasts: Chocolate Creations (Grades 3-5)
During this hands-on after school enrichment course, we’ll turn a regular classroom into a Cacao Laboratory! Explore the history, geography, and especially the science behind this popular topic. Discover the steps required to transform a cacao bean from the tropical rain forest into drinking and different eating chocolates. Best of all, learn make tasty creations to take home and share with your family.

  • Can be 4-8 weeks in length.
  • Enrollment is limited to 8 students.
  • 45 minutes-1 1/4 hour per class
  • $40-80 plus a chocolate lab fee of $10-20/student



Tasting Notes

  • We only support and showcase chocolate harvested and processed in an ethical manner.
  • Our program fee includes set up, information galore about chocolate, guided tasting, sparkling water and crackers to clean our palates between selections, information sheet on the featured chocolates, travel (may be adjusted depending on hosting location), and clean up. Everything needed for a fun and memorable time for a total of up to EIGHT chocolate lovers. All you need to do is show up with your friends and enjoy!
  • The fee also includes the selected chocolates, makings for truffles or hot chocolate drinks, or chocolate creations, depending on the program of your choice.
  • The different bar chocolates can either be all milk, all dark or a mixture of both. Your selections can include artisans from a specific US geographic region,  European companies, or a trip around the equator featuring single origin chocolates. Geography Never Tasted So Good!
  • More bar chocolate selections and additional participants can be added. Just ask us for the details.
  • All it takes is a $50 deposit to hold the date of your choice. This is then applied to the program fee.


All of our offerings are guaranteed to make your next piece of chocolate more intellectually and gastronomically rewarding!